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Welcome to Patriots Pointe Custom Homes website!   We are your best choice for a “one-stop property shop” in the Rough River Lake area of Central KY.
What we do
If you are visiting our website you may be planning to improve your land, build a new home, remodel an existing residential or commercial building, or you might just be looking for some help maintaining the property you already have! At Patriots Pointe Custom Homes we can help with all of that and more.   When it comes to residential property improvement, development or construction, we can just about do it all! 

Charlie Corbett, President

Patriots Pointe Custom Homes

Registered Builder & Waterfront Developer

and as of March, 2014 - A Kentucky COLONEL!

Congratuations Charlie!!


Charlie and his Buddy!

Charlie Corbett

Patriots Pointe Custom Homes
"All around good guy to know"


Here is the short list of our services: 

  • Land development and improvement
  • New home construction
  • Log home construction
  • General contracting for construction projects
  • Large remodeling projects


We can also help you locate local service providers for:

  • Routine property maintenance (interior or exterior)
  • Seasonal property maintenance (exterior)
  • Routine lawn maintenance
  • Seasonal lawn maintenance
About us
Most ‘ABOUT US’ pages list a few bullets that give you statistics and credentials. Almost nobody reads them, and if they did, would not learn much about the individual standing behind the company. 
If you are reading this page, you must be interested in building a home and knowing a little more about us! We understand that.  Investing in real estate has always been a part of the American dream.  A home is likely the single most expensive investment you will make in your lifetime.  It will pay financial as well as emotional dividends for you to select a company that respects that. You work hard for your money and we’ll work just as hard so you can enjoy it! The best way to protect your investment is to get to know your builder and look at what they’ve done in the past.
Charlie Corbett is our President (for us that means CEO or “Chief of Everything Officer.”) He is the resident developer, builder and entrepreneur at Patriots Pointe Custom Homes. Being around a construction site is nothing new to Charlie. His first jobs in construction date back to the late 1970’s when he worked building homes and improving land in and around Elizabethtown and Radcliff, Kentucky. Two 70-year old master carpenters taught him much of what he knows about foundations, framing and finishing homes. Along the way he has worked in just about all of the construction trades.  (And spent 8 years in the U. S. Navy serving as a first-class machinist mate on a nuclear submarine.)
Working through the hard years when home mortgage interest rates hit 18% taught Charlie to be creative and thrifty in planning & completing building projects. These lessons in construction efficiency are still benefiting our clients today!
History on Rough River Lake
For over 25 years, Charlie and his family spent summers and weekends at their family camp on Rough River Lake. (As an avid competitive skier, there isn’t much about this lake that he doesn’t know…. well!) As a result, Rough River became an important part of his life, one that he never fully left behind.   Now, 20 some years later, Charlie and his family are back living on Rough River full time and building high quality homes for new residents and those seeking the same weekend respite that he has enjoyed for so many years. 
Building Your Home or Cabin - large or small!
Building a lake home is not just about 4 walls and a floor. Most of our clients view building their home on a lake as the culmination of years of hard work and effort. We understand that your lake home is not only an investment, it represents your life’s work, and in many cases, your life’s savings. The faith and trust our clients place in us is an honor and responsibility that we take very seriously.
We are not the most expensive builder on the lake, and we are not the cheapest, but we will not build a cheap home. Our spec homes are constructed with the same care and concern for comfort, long term integrity and value as our custom homes. Our custom homes are built with as much cost control placed in the owners hands as possible. All of our estimates are exceptionally realistic with no hidden “extra costs.”  Our goal is no surprises at the end of the project!
Using local craftsmen and suppliers, Patriots Pointe Custom Homes has built some stunning homes that will take your breath away… along with some of the most cozy cottages to be found anywhere on the lake. Our satisfied customers speak volumes about our commitment to excellence and quality in every project we undertake.   We are happy to provide referrals upon request so that you can speak directly to these folks.
Come by and see Charlie, or give him a call at 270-257-0605.  He’ll show you why his approach to home construction is thorough, cost effective and beneficial to you, the homeowner.


Developing Land

When we design a new development, we plan the project and prepare the land as though we were going to live on it ourselves…in fact we still live in our first development! 

We start by selecting only the best land, based on location, accessibility to the lake, ease of building on the lots and flexibility for the future owner. We spend time walking it and taking in all that nature has provided in the way of a canvass to work with. We partner with local excavators to create improvements that highlight the natural beauty of the landscape. We’ve been called crazy for spending extra money to re-route roads around 200+ year old trees, but we live by the theory that we are caretakers of the land and should preserve as much of the natural beauty as possible.
Armed with a wealth of hands-on knowledge about the lake and a pro-active approach to working with the local contractors and suppliers, Charlie has been able to accomplish much in a very short time! Since 2005, 6 new developments have been completed and are either sold out or well on their way!
Drive by our developments and see for yourself! 
You can visit the Land Developments page of this website for a sneak preview and a map to these locations.
We think all of our developments are spectacular in their own special ways, whether due to the spectacular lake views, unusual amenities, natural lay of the land, gorgeous rock ledges and outcroppings - or just overall aesthetics. We encourage you to look at other developments…then come and look at ours. 
You be the judge.


Patriots Pointe Custom Homes
Charlie Corbett
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